Pitching on soggy turf

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Pitching on soggy turf

Сообщение JensenBreck » 07 ноя 2017, 10:57

I tend not to play much winter golf and having played for 5 or 6 years I've not often had the opportunity to figure this out.

When pitching in the summer I tend to bottom out just under the ball, taking a small divot or often just shaving the grass beneath it. This uses the bounce and because I generate a nice bit of speed my PPs often remark on the check I get even from 40 yards. However. Doing this in winter when the bounce is useless leaves me with egg, or more likely mud, on my face. Is there a soggy-turf-proof pitching technique I should adopt in these winter months?! I tend not to chip at all, even close to the green I'll use my 55* so as you can imagine I lose shots hand over fist in the winter with duffs and fats and all sorts. I realise chipping is an aspect of my game I need to include, perhaps my winter would be better spent doing that than the (very) occasional social game.

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